Sunday, March 4, 2007

While we're waiting, here's the local report...

I'm looking forward to some excellent reports from this weekend, assuming you all made the epic drive through the blizzard.

SBR had to content himself with night skiing at Hidden Bump, which is always entertaining. Conditions were very good - lots of tracked up loose snow and very few people. The skiing was fun too, except when the 8 year kid straitlining the big hill launched off my rear twin tip, causing me to fall over in the middle of a high speed tele-turn. Never got up so fast in my life, roared down to bottom, stopped him in his tracks and gave him a grumpy old guy lecture on the perils of skiing too fast.

Comment of the evening, overheard from below as I sat in the dark on the chair:

Hoser on skis #1: "this powder is tough going, eh?"

Hoser on skis #2: "yeah, it really bogs you down."

They were snowplowing the edge of the run...

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