Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new addition to the Jay Peak quiver

It was a bit like Christmas in October today. Giddy as a five-year old looking at all the presents under the tree, I opened the plain brown ski box that arrived on the Purolator truck. And lo and behold, look what was inside:

Yessirree, a shiny new pair of Line Sir Francis Bacons.

And check out the base!

That will surely inspire my inner Rasta...

And yes, these skis have rocker, pretty much the same at tip and tail:

Though I didn't just buy these skis for the groovy graphics, they certainly factored in the decision-making process. Despite my love for the Line Prophets, last season I tested some skis with tip rocker and became convinced that this was the way to go. When I read about the new Prophet 98, with "early rise tip," I sold the P 100s and geared up to buy them. Then I started reading about the new Bacons. I would suggest that these may be the ideal ski for ideal conditions at Jay Peak. And what about the rest of time, when conditions are, shall we say, less than ideal? Well, they will probably work just fine, and I do have other skis. What the heck, I'm 54 years old and might as get some skis that will help keep skiing fun and let me worry less about pranging my knee again. And as the Line slogan reminds us, Skiing Is Fun.

Some links for the curious:

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