Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tram stair mystery solved

A few points and questions are raised by this picture:

  • Will there be a roof? Imagine the grumbling while standing on those stairs exposed the elements. Not to mention the huge potential for wipe-outs induced while climbing snow-covered wooden steps in ski boots.
  • Can JJ and the posse handle the change from left to right? Imagine also zooming to catch the end of a tram line, navigating at high speed between the Snail-bound beginners and pizza-toting Wallys exiting the lodge door below.
  • These stairs look a lot narrower than the old ones. How will this affect the claustrophobic among us?
  • There is a big puddle that forms there. Pudd hopes they thought about that.
  • And so much for sitting in that corner of the deck.
  • Sklinda reports with first-hand information:
    We saw it under construction. If you think the other stairs were steep, these look like a killer! I think we have to wait another year for the washrooms. Must be a part of the new hotel. The amount of money that went underground at the mountain this summer was phenomenal. The drains start half way up the hill to the left of Snail and go down beside the golf course.

Monday, December 1, 2008


SBR very nice new lid but think perhaps you need new mirror type sun spectacles to set off the lid? We are off to Jay Friday with plans to ski Saturday and Sunday and returning to a show in Cornwall Monday. Jay's Peak is saying there are 15 of 75 open. I'll dish the real dirt when we're there.

SBR is ready for winter!

All you need is a new lid and a little snow to completely adjust your attitude.