Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tram stair mystery solved

A few points and questions are raised by this picture:

  • Will there be a roof? Imagine the grumbling while standing on those stairs exposed the elements. Not to mention the huge potential for wipe-outs induced while climbing snow-covered wooden steps in ski boots.
  • Can JJ and the posse handle the change from left to right? Imagine also zooming to catch the end of a tram line, navigating at high speed between the Snail-bound beginners and pizza-toting Wallys exiting the lodge door below.
  • These stairs look a lot narrower than the old ones. How will this affect the claustrophobic among us?
  • There is a big puddle that forms there. Pudd hopes they thought about that.
  • And so much for sitting in that corner of the deck.
  • Sklinda reports with first-hand information:
    We saw it under construction. If you think the other stairs were steep, these look like a killer! I think we have to wait another year for the washrooms. Must be a part of the new hotel. The amount of money that went underground at the mountain this summer was phenomenal. The drains start half way up the hill to the left of Snail and go down beside the golf course.

Monday, December 1, 2008


SBR very nice new lid but think perhaps you need new mirror type sun spectacles to set off the lid? We are off to Jay Friday with plans to ski Saturday and Sunday and returning to a show in Cornwall Monday. Jay's Peak is saying there are 15 of 75 open. I'll dish the real dirt when we're there.

SBR is ready for winter!

All you need is a new lid and a little snow to completely adjust your attitude.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Green Beret drops in

Our elusive young friend sent a few pics from his continuing adventures at Sunshine Village. I don't think this can beat the epic spring skiing we experienced last weekend at Jay Peak but I'm sure he was having fun. I'll get pictures up and a report on the weekend soon.

He writes:

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you see what it is like at Sunshine on April 23rd!!!!!!!!!

That is yours truly skiing through Hayes Hill at the bottom of Delirium Dive.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

jonny jay returns

Believe it or not Jonny Jay is back!
A few things here:
* I am one of the few no doubt who actually did ride the Poma lift that is now the trail called Poma Line running down the side of Ullers to Beaver Pond. It was a practical lift because it allowed you to ski in November on a half decent run. Of course we also had a chairlift that serviced the upper section as well -- imagine just skiing the top all day. And then the catapult ride on the Jet T-bar was always fun . . .
* throckmorton did an amazing job tracking his uncle (pudd) and great uncle (jonny) and now knows that at Jay Peak -- at least on the Upper Kwai -- rocks are as good as snow for keeping an edge! And we took him into Sno Free (an off-piste run so-named by a younger Green Beret) where after a major yardsale avoiding a tree or two he announced "I've never skiied in so much powder!" No excuses, no swearing, no tempers -- just the thrill of ripping through the glades and avoiding brush and sinkholes on the way and then taking a major faceshot.
* snow last weekend at Jay was not as expected but it started coming down big time on Sunday afternoon and then the wind. Going down this weekend to be joined by Pudd and family.
See you there. Hey whatever happened to Mr. Ski-ya?
Jonny Jay

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just testing....

I've got name back!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Becoming a Man

I got the chance to go to Jay for 2 days with Grandmom, Grandad and Pudd. I had an amazing two days and I did 8 new runs that I had never done before. Best of all , Timbuktu in the sun and powder. Ill also never forget the tree in kitz woods that both pudd and I thought was a drift and turned out to be pudd's grindbar. It was cold but it didn't matter as the conditions were great. We were joined on the second day by jonny jay, and it was then that I had the privledge of skiing the upper quai. As pudd looked over the edge he described it as "picky" and it was definitely "picky". I survived though and at the bottom it was made official by jonny jay " I had become a man".

What young Throckmorton might have seen at the top of the Quai
SBR took this picture last year when conditions were equally "picky"

Monday, January 28, 2008

Good Weekend At Jay

I had the pleasure of introducing my nephew to the real Jay Peak on the weekend. We went down about 7 runs he had never been on before. These include Kitzwoods, Power Line and Canyon Land to name a few. He also had the pleasure of touring Cat Walk (one of the "lost runs")
There were multiple crashes and smiles. On day two we were joined by the legend... Jonny Jay!
After a long day of skiing powder ,grinding over rocks ,bashing through bush; Jonny looked at the rookie at the top of Buckaroo Bonzai and said, " now you are man"
It was a very moving moment.

Jay had a great recovery from the the thaw of the previous week. Lots of snow


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The lost runs of Jay Peak

Telemark Dave, one of our faithful (and perhaps only) non-family readers, recently commented to me that while he enjoyed the last two posts, he was concerned that the Jonny Jay blog was veering off in a decidedly non-Jay direction. Realizing the need to address this, I went and sat in the thinking room and perused this year's Jay Peak magazine (there's fuel for a rant...) for inspiration.

While gazing at the trail map in the magazine, it occurred to me that there are many trails at Jay that are "lost trails." Yes, you can see them on the map, rated green, blue or black and given a number but somehow, over the years, these trails have become forgotten, ignored or even lost their reason for existence. Some lost trails may still get skied regularly but somehow they have lost their original charm and character. Or maybe they have simply disappeared off the trail map, only remembered by those of us old enough to have ridden the Jet T-bar. These trails have been orphaned by lift relocation, the cutting of new runs, expanding old runs, glade development and even the changing tastes of skiers.

Imagine being a first-time visitor to Jay Peak and trying to find some of them. "Hey kids, we haven't skied Catwalk yet, let's try that one!" Pity the hapless intermediate that thinks it might be fun to try Wedelmaster. Good luck finding it!

Here are SBR's picks for the Lost Trails of Jay Peak. Feel free to comment or send me a description of the lost trails in your Jay world.

This is a work in progress. I'll keep updating this post as I have time and new information arrives.

1) St. George's Prayer - #36, rated intermediate
The ultimate lost trail. You couldn't pick a more suitable name for a nice trail that the average skier can't even get to. It turns out that George was a soldier and martyr who died around 303 in Palestine. Few details of his life are known and the best-known story about him is that he rescued a beautiful princess in Libya by killing a dragon. His name appears on a list of "good men, justly remembered, whose good deeds are known only to God."

Among other groups, George is patron saint of the Boy Scouts. This is a good thing, because you'll need the fortitude and perseverance of a Boy Scout to ski this run. Once a popular trail easily accessed off the original Red Chair, SGP is now only used as an out-run for those brave souls who have skied the Face Chutes. I suppose you could hike up to it off the Northway but really, would you?

2) Poma Line - #65, rated intermediate
Someone in this crowd might have ridden the Poma to the top of Jay Peak. I didn't but do have this dim memory of standing in a snow storm, somewhere on the Northway below the Sky Haus, looking at a line of rusting yellow towers (now gone) and wondering "why would they put a lift there?" Maybe this was the first time I questioned the sanity of the Jay management!

3) Catwalk - #17, rated intermediate
This trail seems to have no reason for being there at all. The map tricks you into thinking that Catwalk might be a short cut to somewhere. I don't think so.

4) Supertrail - not on the map
Somewhere under the windblown surface of the Can-Am lives the spirit of Supertrail.

Others to come: JFK, Lower Kitz, Upper Quai....