Tuesday, February 12, 2008

jonny jay returns

Believe it or not Jonny Jay is back!
A few things here:
* I am one of the few no doubt who actually did ride the Poma lift that is now the trail called Poma Line running down the side of Ullers to Beaver Pond. It was a practical lift because it allowed you to ski in November on a half decent run. Of course we also had a chairlift that serviced the upper section as well -- imagine just skiing the top all day. And then the catapult ride on the Jet T-bar was always fun . . .
* throckmorton did an amazing job tracking his uncle (pudd) and great uncle (jonny) and now knows that at Jay Peak -- at least on the Upper Kwai -- rocks are as good as snow for keeping an edge! And we took him into Sno Free (an off-piste run so-named by a younger Green Beret) where after a major yardsale avoiding a tree or two he announced "I've never skiied in so much powder!" No excuses, no swearing, no tempers -- just the thrill of ripping through the glades and avoiding brush and sinkholes on the way and then taking a major faceshot.
* snow last weekend at Jay was not as expected but it started coming down big time on Sunday afternoon and then the wind. Going down this weekend to be joined by Pudd and family.
See you there. Hey whatever happened to Mr. Ski-ya?
Jonny Jay

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