Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Becoming a Man

I got the chance to go to Jay for 2 days with Grandmom, Grandad and Pudd. I had an amazing two days and I did 8 new runs that I had never done before. Best of all , Timbuktu in the sun and powder. Ill also never forget the tree in kitz woods that both pudd and I thought was a drift and turned out to be pudd's grindbar. It was cold but it didn't matter as the conditions were great. We were joined on the second day by jonny jay, and it was then that I had the privledge of skiing the upper quai. As pudd looked over the edge he described it as "picky" and it was definitely "picky". I survived though and at the bottom it was made official by jonny jay " I had become a man".

What young Throckmorton might have seen at the top of the Quai
SBR took this picture last year when conditions were equally "picky"

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