Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadly, we missed it...

This pretty much sums it up. His spelling isn't the best (and, yes, there are a couple of spicy words) but DoWork definitely found some stoke at Jay Peak yesterday:
Wow Jay was amazing... Untracked lines all day long, just had to get a liiiiittle more creative each time but they were there in grand fashion. There was pow-a-plenty in the woods which we hit all morning (even had a few charging face shots too!) and then when we went to traverse to the Tram Haus for our free lunches and saw that Powerline was completely untouched... So we plundered the SHIT out of it! THAT was probably the run of the day... When we came back there after lunch, there was a small crowd of people gaping it up at the top and pointing at the lines we took so me and Are just blew by them hootin' and hollerin', airing the shit out of the top lip and not letting up the whole way down, throwing ourselves off every roller and dip and smashing into the perfect velvet apron only to charge through the billowing pow... Truly a magical experience! The Billy Goats really shined in these conditions, can't say enough about their performance in the deep and wet.

Coldn't believe the coverage one storm cal lay down. Def the latest pow day I've ever had like that for sure.

Had a blast with Are, Buttah, Crank and Turn High charging the woods like a pack of angry rhinos and having a blast wootin' it up all over the place. Hell, even the bumps were on like the porch light by the end of the day. Wow, truly one for the books

And if that doesn't make you cry, there is more like it starting here and going on several pages.

For the real goods in photographic form, the Famous Internet Skiers win the day, here and here.

And finally, there is this video, which I sent to Pudd the other day, and is also posted on Harvey44's blog. This little film embodies the essence of skiing in Vermont. I am not normally a big fan of these "POV" videos but this one really stands out. Not only is the skiing dreamy, the dogs are fantastic and the music is great.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Throckmorton Sees a Moose

Photo by  Throckmorton: "Jay Peak Moose, I think she should be 
named Kokomo as that was her designated run."

There has been much ado about the moose at Jay Peak. The hill managers have even given it a name, Jayne, and dutifully called the Vermont wildlife folks to come and check on it. There have been, to date, four posts on the official Jay Peak blog about the creature (and here they are in order: one, two, three, four). Pudd reported that the moose caused displays of unprecedented gaperism during Ontario March Break, with assorted morons trying to pose with the moose, poke it with their ski pole, etc. The patrol dutifully erected barriers around the poor thing, and lifties created signs displaying "moose facts," suggesting, for example, that if you you get too close to a moose, you are in danger of getting stomped to death. Can you imagine the headline: "Jay Peak Skier Trampled By Mangy Moose!" But were they wearing a helmet? Alas, I digress, it must be the Percoset typing.

JPSP attempt at gaper-proofing the moose.

Here at the JJSC, there is a a great fondness for moose in general, so I (as founder and Chief Ski-xecutive Officer) propose that the moose be renamed Kokomo, as per Throcky's suggestion, and that the Trail Formerly Known as Kokomo be from hereafter known as The Moose Sanctuary. Actually, I can see a whole new moose theme for the mountain: Moose Walk Woods, Green Mountain Moose, The Mooseway, Moose Run (not to mention Upper and Lower Moose Run), Moose Glade, St. George's Moose, Moose's Wiggle, oh dear, the list goes on....

Photo by  Throckmorton: "Hope your knee is fully functional 
for a run on the Moose sanctuary next year."

Sunday, April 4, 2010

When I woke up there were all these holes in my knee...

 Swelling is much reduced on post-op day three

It is quite amazing, really. All the work is done with the arthroscope through the various holes poked in my leg. Five in front for the inspecting, cleaning and drilling, one in back for the hamstring collection.

The blue smudge above my left knee is what remains of the surgeon's initials. If there could be a "best part" to knee surgery, this was it. In the pre-op waiting room, just before going in, Dr. Korkola comes up to me, grasps my left leg with both hands, looks me right in the eye and says,

"So, do we agree that this is the leg we are working on?"

I look him in the eye and reply,

"Yes, we agree."

It was April Fools Day, after all.

Then he writes his initials on my leg with magic marker, in BIG letters.

Friday, April 2, 2010

SBR and Blue Toes' Run of the Year - 2010

Waiting and Watching

Thin boy takes stairs two at a time.
Birkenstocky man ambles by ones.
Pretty girl texts as she struts.
Shorts with hairy legs is too cool
to be cold, this grey afternoon.

Gord’s in recovery, they’ve said
but I’m still in the coffee shop,
waiting to be beeped, summoned
to see the results of knee-bone
drilling and tendon macramé.

Round, reddish woman sips her tea,
hot pink phone pasted to her face.
Blonde butterfly girl ignores Daddy
and dances at the muffin stand
long as she dares, then chases him.

I’ve had five coffees so far today,
and it’s almost time for lunch.
Gord got up at four this morning
just to have one last cup before
we left the house to drive south.

Blue-smocked volunteers kibitz
with customers at the counter,
hawking rice crispy snacks, gum
and gooey goods “for patient care.”
Hard hat buffs the hallway floor.

Is this pager-thingy really on?
It’s past the expected call time
and I have to pee again, but
it won’t work in my pocket,
they’ve said, just hard surfaces.

Grandma grumbles about date squares.
A couple of pals complain about
the cost of parking and comment
on people they knew; now dead.
The cancer took ‘em, or the devil.

Finally, I’ve been buzzed, called
to recovery, where my dreamy-eyed
mate tries to be coherent and not
to groan too much when he moves.
Heavy-duty drugs round the edges.

Physio’s on lunch, says busy nurse,
so you (me) may as well eat now too.
Not him though; only clear liquids and
handfuls of pills, but no beer, dear,
and get him a hand-held urinal!

His knee’s a neoprene sausage roll.
There’s an X on his left foot,
marking the right one for surgery.
I’ll have to re-dress him, ever so
carefully, and haul him home.

But the pants won’t fit over that
sausage roll of a lame left leg.
So, he escapes like a Cuckoo
with Johnnie-shirt discreetly
draped about his drugged-up butt.

Hours later, we’re home before
he knows it; he’s been dozing.
He calls siblings to give reports.
They’re glad to know he’ll live
to ski another day, unhinged.

– Jennifer R. Cressman
April 1, 2010

The phsysio said to alternate heat and cold therapies. 
How about combining hot sun and cold beer?

What is YOUR Run of the Year?