Friday, November 13, 2009

Run-in of the day, with no snow on the ground

Every now and then, something happens to warm the heart of your inner skier. These experiences are really important when there is no snow on the ground and you know  that other people are skiing, somewhere.

Last night was Warren Miller movie night in Huntsville, presented by The Official Ski Shop and emceed by yours truly. This year's film, Dynasty, is one of the best from WME in a long time. The segment about Mongolian ski culture alone is worth the price of admission. And how can you not like a ski movie that has Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'" in the soundtrack?

So, there  I was in the lobby of the Algonquin Theatre , handing out free Burton posters to any kid that walked through the door, and even a few grown-ups. I am proudly sporting my new Line t-shirt. The snowboard kids are looking at me suspiciously.

SBR's new shirt as displayed on the Line website  

All of of a sudden this 11 year-old boy marches up to me, points at the shirt and says:

"Cooooool, Line skis!"

SBR, in a conspiratory tone: "Prophet 100s, man*"  

Grom: "Sweeeet!"

The kid continues on with free poster in hand, both him and his parents with big smiles on their faces. I think, yes, I am a skier

* I guess I should have called him "dude" but hey, I grew up in the age of "man" and can't quite get my head around "dude" in serious conversation.  

Monday, November 9, 2009

Run of the Year 2008-2009

Dogski and Linski invited their 11 year old grand daughter to ski with them for a weekend at Jay. Typical February Jay colder than the hearts of jilted lovers and windier than Cape Storm.

Allison one of our grand daughters hadn't skied for two years but was certainly up for the game getting better every run of the morning. In the early afternoon after lunch we decided to go up the Jet to ski the Derek.

As I tipped over the top I heard Linski yell to Allison "follow Grand Dad". As I had already launched I really didn't think much about it and careened down towards the lowest cross over to the lower UN at pretty much full warp.

You know the feeling you have when you think someone is watching or following you? I had it all the way down the hill as hairs rose on the back of my neck and mental warning lights flashed.

At top of the last pitch to the crossover i couldn't stand it any more and I looked behind me ... my instinct were right. I was being followed. Allison was not three meters behind me with a smile as wide as barn door and completely in control ... run of the year................Dogski

Jay says no to septic renovations

Sklinda and I visited the new Jay Peak Lodge and the twin pad & amp; water park facility a short while ago. Holy awesome, you won't believe how upscale the lodge is and how huge the ice facility is. I think we'll all need to invest in skates now.

We looked in vain for a sign that the State Side Septic Renovations were under way but that seems but a dream.