Saturday, December 24, 2016

We're back: a Christmas Eve report

by Jonny Jay
A Christmas Eve snow report

Full-on winter at Jay today, including those without snow tires doing the snake dance up the mountain road -- several not making it. Wanted to squeeze in a couple of runs to get the kinks out but wasn’t expecting a blizzard!

Bonnie was closed so took the Taxi chair over to the Flyer. Nice mid-winter face blow on the Flyer with wet snow sticking to the goggles but Ullr’s Dream was actually dreamy with a good six inches of freshie still on the sides. Then detoured into Beaver Pond – awesome for this time of year and really good at any time – same freshie in there too. Last run I thought I would coast down the Northway and maybe pick up Hells Woods on the way, but as I was passing Powerline . . . it looked as if it hadn’t been skied, no rope, no people. 

Hard left. Best conditions on Powerline in a long time. Absolutely perfect – soft crud with fresh snow on top and early in the year so no crazy gullies. Mine were the only tracks all the way down. I was back in the groove after that run.

Conditions are great.