Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jonny Jay digs in to the archives for six degrees of separation

As you might imagine, the tragic death of Shane McConkey caused some chatter on the Jonny Jay sno-phone. Turns out that, back in day, Jonny himself went skiing with Jim McConkey, Shane's dad, while Jonny was doing the ski bum thing at Whistler (as it was known then, only as Whistler).

Among other things, Jim ran the ski shop and so was Jonny's boss at Whistler. As a reward for all their hard work that season, he treated his staff to a day of heli skiing on a nearby mountain named Blackcomb Peak. Jim would have been in his mid-forties at the time and Shane possibly just born.

JJ waiting for the heli in super-cool fashion.

JJ, as ever, enjoying the food. Note the classic Trappeur boots. McConkey is behind with the ball hat and camera.

Jim McConkey launches off while everyone else stands around.