Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A mid-winter Jay Peak update from Jonny Jay

Mid-winter you say? Yes, I believe the best is yet to come. Things are shaping up well for epic March conditions, if that big storm would just materialize....

Jonny Jay reports after an expended sojourn at the mountain:

The last ten days have probably been the best of the season for consistent variable powder, packed powder and some afternoon scrape just to keep one honest! Glade runs were in great condition although, as always, another dump of snow would help the whole mountain.

Can-Am went from superb (as long as you avoided the shiny ice patches) to very slick at the top a scant hour later - as a few members of the group discovered after I told them how good it was – oops! Always good to challenge yourself . . . Power Line was a treat as usual, full of surprises and lots of good turns.

Oh – and the sun came out.

See you all at the mountain.

Jonny Jay