Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our report is better than their report

SBR here, signed in under Blue Toes' account. This is a groundbreaking moment. We're camped out at the JJ clubhouse, blogging away on a poached internet signal.

BT and I have joined JJ and the DC for a a possibly final weekend of skiing at Jay. The drive down was a bit wet. This morning, inquiring minds wanted to know: "What is the snow report?" Snow report, we don't need no snow report: it will be mixed precipitation, machine groomed granular, rain at the bottom, snow at the top." And so it was, fun and fast for the first two runs, then getting wetter and mushier as the day went on. DC joined JJ and SBR for two runs in the am, then left when the rain started in earnest. JJ and SBR then experimented with Valhalla ("picky"), BP (mushy), Exhibition (a little fast) and Haynes (mixed crud). Low visibility, wet and a lot of fun.

All for now - we're off to the Belfry. JJ is tying his boots.