Sunday, October 25, 2009

OMG! Someone beat me to it and it's not even snowing.

Dogski, not annoying at all! It's reassuring to see that our humble clan has not forgotten about the JJ blog. I was gearing up for a post tonight and was stoked to see that you were already on top of things.

Well, game on, as Pudd would say.

So, new skis for a couple of us this season...

Throckmorton, through the assistance of the official ski shop, has obtained a pair of Salomon Lords. I have to say that it warmed my heart to see him peeking around the corner when we pulled up to Pudd's house for the after-auction party with the skis stashed in back of the Snowbaru. As I am sure any of us can recall, there is nothing so so exciting in the world of a 16 year old skier as the sight of your first pair of serious skis, purchased with your own money. Rip it up, Throcky. Hopefully you will post a pic of the Lords in some place of honour, waiting for the first turn.

Hey, if someone is going to be a Lord, someone else might as well be the Prophet. SBR may have to change his handle, due to the fact that he is awaiting shipment of a shiny new pair of Line Prophet 100s. Looking forward to ACL reconstruction in the spring of 2010 (oh, didn't you get the memo) SBR was seeking something a little turnier and fatter. The Prophet is it and may be the ideal Jay ski. Extensive Internet research narrowed down the choice between the Prophet 90 and 100, and after much deliberation and consultation, the 172 length was selected. SBR even emailed the Line Ski Company for an opinion and was impressed that resident pro and ski designer Eric Pollard answered his question, agreeing with Pudd and The Green Beret that the 172 would be the way to go. SBR is hoping that he can keep up with these skis and is training in earnest.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for snow and reveling in the fact that the ortho Dr. has recommended lots of strength training prior to surgery. We interpret this as more skiing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just to be annoying

Hi all wanted to be the first to add to the JJ blog this ski season. (The season has started because A) it has already snowed at Jay and B) our skis are at the house in Montgomery and C) it feels right. We are planning our first weekend at Jay on Dec 5th assuming it opens. G.O.D.