Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Monday Freshie at Jay Peak

After only arriving late Sunday in Monkey Centre the forecast didn’t look good for skiing – rain and maybe some wet snow at higher elevations. We treated ourselves that night to a dinner at the newly re-opened Black Lantern – food was delicious. Well the next morning I decided to gear up. I had missed the one powder weekend this year, missed the week of summer weather in March and now was looking at a sparse mountain for the first week of April but needed to air out the cobwebs, so off I went to the mountain on Easter Monday. At the very least I had to empty out the locker! The Devon darling wasn’t too keen on skiing in the cold rain. Rain on the way up 242 until after Alpine Haven and then some snow – good sign I thought. Then several vehicles minus snow tires (Ontario and Connecticut) trying to wedel their way up the mountain.

Only a few cars in the parking area at Stateside and a few diehards slowly getting ready to attack the wet drizzle. Well the drizzle turned to snow. At the top of the Jet (the only big lift operating) there was at least 6” of new snow – a little thick but new snow!! First run the Derrick (oops didn’t see the rope) – awesome. Virtually untracked, heavy but when it is untracked you can just glide. Then the Haynes, then the Jet. Then the Montrealer and I packed it in but it was well worth it. Somebody on the lift said he found a foot of snow on one run – I said where? He says “on the Derrick, done it three times.” Well, it wasn’t a foot but it was more untracked snow than I have seen for a long time this winter.

On the way home 242 still hadn’t been plowed. As I crested the top there was an 18 wheeler stopped just near the top, not able to go any further. A lineup below was headed by someone else without snow tires – glad I wasn’t in that line. The good news: The way it was raining in the valley when we left I would say the upper mountain will be amazing for a day or two. And then they can groom it for the weekend Tailgate Party at Jay!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stateside meeting: the movies

Remember the famous meeting? Now we can all share the experience. Thanks to MagogFishy on AlpineZone for sleuthing these out, they are kind of buried on Jay Peak's YouTube channel. Who knew about the YouTube channel???

The sound is a bit funny on these, be prepared to adjust the volume.

Part one: http://youtu.be/WXQBFhHUOrU

Part two: http://youtu.be/6ysvqJDLU8k

Part three: http://youtu.be/VU3PgZLJy8Y

Phe interviews: http://youtu.be/EwNP9H8uKXU

For all you development followers, Jay has released a new map of the master plan (warning: large file).

Some discussion about the map (including me) starts about halfway down this page and rambles on for a while. Further on in the discussion (if you ignore the distracting comments about pizza), FromTheNEK produces some awesome Google Earth renderings of the West Bowl: