Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Throckmorton Sees a Moose

Photo by  Throckmorton: "Jay Peak Moose, I think she should be 
named Kokomo as that was her designated run."

There has been much ado about the moose at Jay Peak. The hill managers have even given it a name, Jayne, and dutifully called the Vermont wildlife folks to come and check on it. There have been, to date, four posts on the official Jay Peak blog about the creature (and here they are in order: one, two, three, four). Pudd reported that the moose caused displays of unprecedented gaperism during Ontario March Break, with assorted morons trying to pose with the moose, poke it with their ski pole, etc. The patrol dutifully erected barriers around the poor thing, and lifties created signs displaying "moose facts," suggesting, for example, that if you you get too close to a moose, you are in danger of getting stomped to death. Can you imagine the headline: "Jay Peak Skier Trampled By Mangy Moose!" But were they wearing a helmet? Alas, I digress, it must be the Percoset typing.

JPSP attempt at gaper-proofing the moose.

Here at the JJSC, there is a a great fondness for moose in general, so I (as founder and Chief Ski-xecutive Officer) propose that the moose be renamed Kokomo, as per Throcky's suggestion, and that the Trail Formerly Known as Kokomo be from hereafter known as The Moose Sanctuary. Actually, I can see a whole new moose theme for the mountain: Moose Walk Woods, Green Mountain Moose, The Mooseway, Moose Run (not to mention Upper and Lower Moose Run), Moose Glade, St. George's Moose, Moose's Wiggle, oh dear, the list goes on....

Photo by  Throckmorton: "Hope your knee is fully functional 
for a run on the Moose sanctuary next year."

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