Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have an excuse, why aren't you at Jay Peak?

The Jet Triple chair today, taken by someone who was there


  1. Yes SBR you DO have an excuse. I don't.

    I know some who will be there... will check in to see what y'all post this weekend!

  2. Yes, Harvey, if I wasn't on the injury list I would be riding the Jet triple right now. Arrggh.

    Though I know hard it can be to get back into "ski mode" when you have moved on to spring/summer.

  3. SBR ... love the avatar. If any of the RJPSR skiers post a TR, send me a pic and I'll put up a link.

  4. Thanks for the complement on the avatar. I made it from an image I found (stole) here:

    It's a photo of Dick Durrance ripping it up in New Zealand, I guess back in the 50s, with wood skis, leather lace-up boots and bamboo sticks. I love the sense of wild abandon but the skier is clearly in complete control. I strive for this every run.

    Sadly, I do not think any of the Jonny Jay Ski Club will make it. I'm out, Pudd is stuck in Ontario and Jonny Jay is grumbling to himself in Florida.