Friday, April 30, 2010

Sadly, we missed it...

This pretty much sums it up. His spelling isn't the best (and, yes, there are a couple of spicy words) but DoWork definitely found some stoke at Jay Peak yesterday:
Wow Jay was amazing... Untracked lines all day long, just had to get a liiiiittle more creative each time but they were there in grand fashion. There was pow-a-plenty in the woods which we hit all morning (even had a few charging face shots too!) and then when we went to traverse to the Tram Haus for our free lunches and saw that Powerline was completely untouched... So we plundered the SHIT out of it! THAT was probably the run of the day... When we came back there after lunch, there was a small crowd of people gaping it up at the top and pointing at the lines we took so me and Are just blew by them hootin' and hollerin', airing the shit out of the top lip and not letting up the whole way down, throwing ourselves off every roller and dip and smashing into the perfect velvet apron only to charge through the billowing pow... Truly a magical experience! The Billy Goats really shined in these conditions, can't say enough about their performance in the deep and wet.

Coldn't believe the coverage one storm cal lay down. Def the latest pow day I've ever had like that for sure.

Had a blast with Are, Buttah, Crank and Turn High charging the woods like a pack of angry rhinos and having a blast wootin' it up all over the place. Hell, even the bumps were on like the porch light by the end of the day. Wow, truly one for the books

And if that doesn't make you cry, there is more like it starting here and going on several pages.

For the real goods in photographic form, the Famous Internet Skiers win the day, here and here.

And finally, there is this video, which I sent to Pudd the other day, and is also posted on Harvey44's blog. This little film embodies the essence of skiing in Vermont. I am not normally a big fan of these "POV" videos but this one really stands out. Not only is the skiing dreamy, the dogs are fantastic and the music is great.

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  1. SB Rider ... that is freakin hilarious. It's not THAT amazing that we both posted the MRG vid, but the alignment of our comments... it's too much.

    Heal up, and maybe next season you can show me where the "real Jay Peak snow" hides.

    Drop me a note on your avatar too. Now that I know that that ripper is on old time gear, I want to see the image in full size and maybe post it. It's killer.