Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog it if you can...

Well, faithful readers, I'm sitting in the base lodge at Mad River Glen, beside a big pile of "ski it if you can" stickers. What a great hill! I feel like it is 1972. Conditions are fast on the two runs that have been groomed. Everything else is rock hard and/or suffering from a lack of snow. We skied Jay yesterday. Windy, sunny, cold and the snow stayed hard as concrete all day. In fact, it seemed to get harder, except for the lower Goat, which was a wierd semi-frozen slush. Freezer and tram were on wind delay all day. MRG is way more fun in these conditions.

Time to stop blogging like an uber-geek and go skiing!

Editor's note: apparently some readers were thinking I was far more geekish than they realized, toting my laptop to the hill so I could blog on a pirated wi-fi signal. Have some faith, please. The nice folks at MRG have installed a public computer with high-speed access right beside the cafeteria food line entrance. Always on, no charge. Best of all, it's a Mac!


  1. SBR waaaay ahead of his time with the mobile blogging steeze. I think my brain would explode if MRG had a PC/Windows machine in the lobby!

  2. Having no I-phone, no Crackberry, as Blanche Dubois said, in A Streetcar Named Desire:
    "...I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."