Saturday, March 31, 2007

Comparative snow reporting

Now that I'm back in the great not-so-white north, I can check the Jay on-line snow report. Here's the report for today, which would summarize the conditions Telemark Dave and I experienced this week:
Conditions are ok. Much closer to winter than spring. At least until early afternoon or so. Even then, conditions will be firmer than you expect for most of the day. This is either good or bad. Your call.
Whoever writes this report should hand over the keyboard to the author of the far more "let's call it like it is" JPSP snow report found at the bottom of the Jet on Wednesday:

Then there is the far more open-ended and colourful report found at Mad River Glen the next day:

And finally, the report of the random Jay skier we met at the Goat/Taxi intersection, one of the few soft snow places on the mountain on Wednesday. He skied up to Dave, stopped, looked him in the eye and said one word:


Dave looked at him as if he was speaking a foreign language, or perhaps even, was a visitor from another planet. Random Skier then expounded with a little more detail:

"It's smooshie!"

Ah yes, smooshie snow. How did we miss it the first time?

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