Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jonny Jay steps up

SBR here, I'm posting this on JJ's behalf:

Ok I’ve tried three times to put this on the blog and I NOW GIVE UP.

Well boys and girls, if you're not pulling my leg then I am really envious! Sounds like the snow finally stuck on the mountain. While you were blowing up the powder, DC and I were running through the Philadelphia airport, heading for the sun.

Rather than snorkeling through the pow-pow we then strapped on the masks and headed for the coral canyons where white sandy ocean bottom was flanked by 5-10 foot coral walls creating a maze of intertwining corridors of various types of coral. Quite spectacular, except for the sounds of the Devon Cusser (who reserves namechange rights), who was swallowing the ocean beside me!

Hopefully we have a few more days when the snow Gods will shine on us and maybe we'll get some great spring skiing -- of course Jay doesn't really have spring skiing do they? Not like the old days when Jay would stay open till late April/early May before we would head off to Mad River for the final days of the season. By that time the Jay HARDSCRABBLE starts to soften, but not before! Hope you're impressed that I worked in HARDSRABBLE.

So as our old buddy Chris used to say Ski ya!

See you on the slopes.

Jonny Jay


I am sure the boys thought of me as they were doing face shot after face shot – young showboats!

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