Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why we keep coming back to Jay Peak...

Yeah, yeah, the post title is smarmy. But when Steve Wright puts something like this up on the rarely used official Jay Peak Weblog, you have to say "right on!"

The piece starts out with a blah, blah, blah about current snowmaking locations but the heart of it is here:
Part of me wants to say that the decision to make snow was a well thought out, strategic plan because it makes us sound smarter than we actually are but, as with many things up here, it was pretty knee jerk. Snow wise, the season has pretty much sucked but, in all honesty, we’ve made enough money so that making a few bad decisions this late in the season won’t shutter our doors. Really, when this boils, it’s a nod to our season pass holders- the ones we have now and, sure, the ones we may pick up as a result of holding our brand to the fire. When you commit an entire season to one business—not just your cash but, more importantly your time, making some snow and staying open a few extra weeks as acknowledgment isn’t exactly an act of heroism on our part; based on who we are and how we’ve positioned ourselves, we’d be stupid not to. Still, there’s something about everyone here being excited to do it, that makes me proud to work here.
Click here for the entire post:

Which, by the way includes a low-key pitch to sign up for the early season deal on a season pass. Which, by the way, are about 12% more than last year. But still a lot less than many other eastern resorts.  I bought a pass this season and am afraid to do the math. Oh, well, I guess that's the price we pay for being raised Jay. Now we are committed.


  1. A point of color and additional blah, blah here SBR. The "12%" was an increase off of last year's pre-season rate which,incidentally, was the same rate as the year prior. As much as we'd like to keep rates flat every year, it seems our suppliers-those providing electricity, foodstuffs, etc., don't share the same ideology. If only and thanks for the post.


  2. Thanks, Steve. Everything is getting more expensive. I wasn't belly-aching about the price hike, just making an observation. The Jay pre-season deal is pretty sweet, especially with the strong Canadian dollar these days.

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