Friday, March 9, 2012

A quick update from those "on the ground"

This just in from Monkey Centre:
Well, Dear Report, yesterday the heavens opened and bucketed rain on little Montgomery nestled below mighty Jay. The winds howled and snarled all night but somewhere near 4 AM the Snow Gods triumphed over the evil Rain Goblins. In the village 2" of new powder covered the layer of rain mixed with ice slush. Yea! Yea!

Meanwhile at mighty Jay the rain slush turned much sooner to lush snow and when we arrived there was 3-4" of new snow and even more depending where you looked. The centres of most trails were wiped clean pretty soon but when we left at 2 the edges still harboured stashes yet untracked.

Kissed by the sun on and off, a temperature around 25, all in all a Joyous Jay Day was had by Linski and Dogski!


  1. Was up there this morning. Very nice coverage for late January. Still a few twackies in the woods but much better than before the storm. Powder/packed powder conditions and everything open except the ridge. Pretty damn good considering the rest of the northeast.