Thursday, March 22, 2012

Alice's Table: a second look in Year Two

A restaurant's opening blush can be like the first outing of a debutante. A new restaurant often sparkles, glitters and soars in the early going. But then like a date in the harsh light of the new dawn, really not the same magic!

But not at Alice's Table. On our recent visit, the hostess and the waiters were cheery, vigilant and helpful. Perhaps they may need a little polishing to serve at a Michelin three star restaurant but to a server, most accommodating and not annoyingly in the way of your conversation.

Often by a restaurants' second year the tables are not cleaned properly, and some crockery, cutlery and glassware show the stress of gracing table after table of ravenous eaters. Not so with Alice's Table: everything is still spick and shiny.

The menu stresses good clean rib sticking food like burgers and wraps and with nice starters. This trip we chose Mexican Quesadillas with savory shaved beef, plenty of cheese, sour cream and salsa and lots of jalapenos. Piping hot and just a great snack.  The perfectly spiced Bloody Mary and peppery Bloody Caesar paired perfectly and sang so loudly you thought you could hear the cries from a Mexican Bull Ring.

Speaking of that, the bill rang in at less then $40 including tip.  No gouging at Alice's Table!


  1. A good bloody mary ... well there is just nothing like it. :)

  2. After eating for years at the old Hotel Jay restaurant, we tried our best to like Alice's table. But we just can't find it. It's like they are trying to hard to serve fancy cuisine, and really aren't good enough to pull it off. Better to just server good local "normal" food instead of pretending you're eating at some upscale place in a city.

    Also hugely overpriced.