Sunday, March 4, 2012

NSBS 2.0, Day Four: Getting the lion's share at Cannon

Despite his camoflage jacket, Matt still looks good working the edges
This firm once existed, I'd have you to know,
Messrs Lion, Wolf, Tiger, Fox, Leopard & Co;
These in business were join'd, and of course 'twas implied,
They their stocks should unite, and the profits divide
Jefferys Taylor
"The Beasts in Partnership"
By Day Four of the NSBS, we were ski beasts in partnership, seeking to unite our stock of knowledge and skill and divide the profits. When March came in like a lion at Cannon on Thursday, the last ski day for the NSBS bloggers, the profits were plenty: a thin winter was completely transformed by fresh snow. Snow that kept falling all day, making conditions better and better as we skied. As the liftie at the the Cannonball Quad opined as we boarded, "it's cool to see the big sticks come out."
Steve cruises the bumps of Upper Hardscrabble
As much as I enjoyed our days at Attitash and Wildcat, I felt instantly at home at Cannon. Maybe it was the weather: windy, snowy, blustery, the kind of day that made you tuck your chin into your collar and hold a glove over your face on the lift. It was a Jay Peak kind of day and the mountain measured up to it; big, brawny and hard to see in the gloom of blowing snow. There was a crowd of skiers on big skis, ready for some kind of snow event. We had the advantage of local knowledge. One of our own crew was a Cannon regular and Steve's intimate knowledge of the mountain and its moods paid off in spades. We skied the drifts on one side of Vista Way and beautiful natural snow bumps on Upper Hardscrabble. He advised us to hold off on the hike to Mittersill until after lunch, when there would be more snow. We worked the sides of runs, milking the new snow and finding the fresh patches. It was a powder day for the creative and Cannon delivered the terrain. With flowing cruisers like Vista Way, steep natural snow challenges like Upper Hardscrabble, tight glades like Global Warming and the "sidecountry" of Mittersill offering something for anyone with a sense of adventure, Cannon is a true skier's mountain.
Matt skis hot in Global Warming Glade
Don't ask me which mountain I liked the best on the NSBS 2.0 tour. Each was fantastic and in a serendipitous way, the day was perfectly appropriate for each destination. Attitash had the fresh snow on perfectly groomed cord; Wildcat had the clear view, fast cruising and crazy trees; then Cannon finished it up with a blast of winter, a little powder and some very interesting terrain. The ski history of the Mt. Washington valley added a nice flavour and New England hospitality kept the ball rolling.

Thanks, New Hampshire, I had a great week, my ski universe has been expanded and I definitely want to come back for more.

The ridge hike to Mittersill
Cannon Mountain from Mittersill
See you next time, Cannon

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