Thursday, February 11, 2016

Skiing between the lines at Jay Peak

As usual, this is not a current snow report, and it is only from last weekend. Things are changing, snow is falling. Winter might be here. And I don't need to tell you about this winter, yikes. But  if you go with an open mind, and ski between the lines, you will have a good time. 

These are the lines:

Don't let the snow-like appearance fool you, it was like concrete in there.
This is skiing between:

The always reliable middle Goat Run was a saviour of this weekend.

Looking the other way, up the Upper Quai, not so good:

There is a line there.
Hike to the summit anyone?

Oops, forgot the crampons.
They called out the army to resuscitate the The JFK:

Not so stealth ops on the JFK.
 But ultimately, Captain America saved the day:

The Captain was everywhere.


  1. Loved Captain America -- you sure Pudd wasn't there in disguise?

    1. Haha. The best moment was when the Captain met the Army guys at the top of the Freezer.I missed a great photo op.