Sunday, November 8, 2015

A late fall report from Jonny Jay

It is late in the fall, and this is a bit late. Oh well. Snow might be in the air somewhere but we are content to wait; no need to scratch the bases after all this time. But just to whet your appetite, here is Jonny Jay's scouting report on recent developments at good olde Jay Peak....

Skiers and riders can rejoice in the new infrastructure investment on THE MOUNTAIN this summer. Not condos or entertainment venues but an investment in improved skier experience. No, not the promised chairlift switcheroo and upgrade or the fabled West Bowl expansion -- we now have a new bridge from the Bonnie to the triple! With sidewalls! No more lost weekend skiers down in the creekbed . . .

The mountain always looks enticing at this time of the year, so check your gear and get pumped (no pumphouse pun intended). See you on the slopes people, and happy fall from the JJ clubhouse.
Jonny Jay

The new bridge will keep skiers in line. Or else.

Possible new Stateside infrastructure: thatched roof tribal hut or sand pile?

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