Monday, February 22, 2016

All hail the arrival of winter at Jay Peak (in February!)

 by Johnny Jay
If these two are skiing, you know conditions are good.

The snow report on Sunday morning, Feb 21, said "Winter has arrived at Jay Peak!" A little late in the season for that announcement but welcome none-the-less. Seeing green grass on Friday in Montgomery Centre and most of the way up the 242, this was encouraging news. With a little snow on Friday night, the mountain actually looked good on Saturday but still pretty rough and patchy with glades on the no-show list. But with wet snow all day that continued to fall overnight (instead of the rain in the valley) dramatically improved conditions on Sunday. Jay marketing was reporting 14 inches over 48 hours, which I suppose was true at the top. Glades miraculously opened up and even the Can-Am was open after looking quite sketchy.

So it wasn't epic but it sure was nice to get some turns in actual snow!



  1. Great to have found your blog. Heading to Jay for the first time the week of March 14th and hoping next weeks flaw doesn't wipe everything out. Keep us in the loop. Thanks

    1. Thanks for checking in, Steve. Jonny Jay was there this week and reports were good. I'm heading down tomorrow for a few days, so will post an update at some point. Keeps your fingers crossed for good weather (think snow).