Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Land swap" deal makes Jay Peak development possible

In an unusually investigative moment, Pudd discovered this article in the Burlington Free Press:

Read it thoroughly, as this historic deal explains many things, including:

1) why the much vaunted West Bowl Development never seemed to be going anywhere (because all along, BS and crew were in negotiations with the Long Trail people):
"The swap also sets the terms for future development in a bowl located beneath the ridgeline where the Long Trail runs."

2) that the rumour circulated by the tram driver (not George)  has some basis in reality: 
"the deal allows Jay Peak to realize more of its development dreams, such as replacing the antiquated “Stateside” lodge and upgrading adjacent lifts."

Wait a minute....

Upgrade adjacent lifts, OK. Replace the antiquated Stateside Lodge!!!!!????? We love the Stateside Lodge. The picnic tables that have 52 coats of paint on them. The smelly bathrooms. The "locker room." The septic smell wafting by the ski racks. OK, these are the down side. But the old lodge has that lovely '60s charm. the big windows, the nice deck, the "ski or drive up to the door" convenience. If they do build a new lodge, maybe we can lobby for the existing Stateside Lodge to be moved to the bottom of the Jet. Now, that would be a nice upgrade.

Wait, you mean there could be a nicer place than this to put your boots on?


  1. I can understand your appreciate for Stateside Lodge. That said, my opinion is replacement of the Stateside Lodge will be the very best development to come out of the JPR during this big development epoch. Nothing JPR could do to improve the area would be more valued by me than a new Stateside Lodge. One of the worst lodges in Northern New England, IMO.


  2. Steve, you are absolutely right. To the occasional or first-time visitor, I can see how Stateside Lodge would seem very out of date and lacking in modern amenities. For the lifetime Jay Peak skier, it is a place filled with memories and I (and many others) would be a little sad to see it go. Hence my suggestion for it to be relocated to the base of the Jet, where it could serve as a haven for the hard-core Jay skiers who inhabit that part of the mountain.

  3. that would suck, first we lose the golden eagle and they take away the stateside lodge?!! the charm will be all gone. can't we have anything stay the same? the stateside was going to be our plan for avoiding the eyesore (conference center/water park)they're building at the tram base.

  4. Chad, I'm with you buddy. Stateside is the haven of sanity in the world of development. Though you have to admit, the bathrooms could use some work.

  5. Ooops, I might have missed Chad's point. My proposal to relocate Stateside Lodge to the base of the Jet was an idea to SAVE it.

  6. moving it would save it, but i vote for just leaving it where it is.

    though your'e right, a bathroom renovation would be nice.

  7. by the way...what's your take on the development in the works currently? my feeling is the tram lodge and ice rink work really well, the new thing they're building is a disaster. they're turning jay into disney world or worse...stratton!

  8. We were very worried about the Tram Haus Lodge but were pleased with the results:

    Not being a skater or a curler, I don't have much use for the rink bit it is a GREAT addition for the local community.

    As for the waterpark, who knows? They seem to trying to get a NEK/Jay theme happening there, so at least that is positive. Look on the bright side, at least the income generated by the waterpark will help keep the hill going, and, best of all, it might distract the gapers from actually going skiing.

    Stay tuned, I'm heading to Jay tomorrow and will post a full report on what I see there.