Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jay Peak lift rumour hotbed, part two

Well, it seems that what goes around, comes around, especially on the Hinterweb. Fellow ski blogger Harvey44 sent me an email containing a posting from the AlpineZone forums. He is way more web-savvy than I and seems to have time to follow all these various discussions. The thread there was started by a skier called JPtracker after he/she read my original post about new lift construction rumours. JPtracker visited Jay Peak recently and unearthed some new dirt, again from Jay Peak staff:
Update to lift rumors:

Hiked the mountain today and talked to two different workers. The current favorite is that a new six pack will follow the line of the old Bonnie double up Power Line to Saint Georges Prayer. The Bonnie was moved from there because it was very prone to wind hold. The current thought is that because the six pack chairs weigh a lot more the the old double chairs they will be a lot less prone to wind holds. Also it will give easier access to the other side of the mountain. Down side is it will be a hike over to Can AM, Vertigo and Upper Quai. Noticeable on my hike were numerous survey stake along Saint Georges Prayer and Power Line which gives some backing for this rumor.

Not part of the rumor but my guess is that the replacement for the T bar can now use the lift line. They can use the old Jet Triple and have it exit where liftline meets Can Am. This would just be an easy ski down to the terrain park from here, or to Taxi to get to Tram Side.
The discussion continues on AlpineZone but at least we have confirmation that something is up. When will Jay Peak management come out of the ski locker and confirm these plans?


  1. Ruining access to upper Can Am is a mistake at best. That is of course if they plan on removing the bonnie. Can Am, when in good shape is one of the best and most challenging non gladed trail. In April it is a hoot! The trouble with a Six pack is that it will dump too many onto Northway which can get LA type traffic jams riddled with pedestrians. They unfortunately need to blow out Canyon Land and make a trail there to better serve the lower part of the mountain. I for one would not mind seeing a lift crest the low peak along River Quai starting at Tram side. Put Snow making on the quai. This gives better access to all those great trails and Exhibition Glade on the main without dealing with that freaking GOAT!

  2. Anon: As I understand it, the plan is NOT to remove the Bonnie but simply relocate, probably back to its original location. I don't know if you ever skied Jay back in the day of the Red Chair but it was not a problem to scoot down St. George's Prayer and ski over to the Qwai or Supertrail (pre-Can Am). Plus it gave you easy access to JFK & Ullr's (via Wedelmaster) and now all the glade runs on that side. I think it would relieve skier pressure on both Northway and the Goat. I do agree with you on the Canyonland idea. Upper Milk is a dumb trail and there are plenty of fall line options off the Northway.

    Snowmaking on the Upper Qwai? Never! That would take all the fun out of it.