Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alice's Table

Dear Readers: Flying Linda and I are going to Vermont at the end of August. So thought I'd check out the menu at Alice's Table for a possible visit.

The menu is impressive ... here's the link.

However there is a tiny little problem; the Appetizer Item, "Selection of Cheese," says with accouchements ..... I defer of course to Claire and Peter but I but I believe accouchements refers to "delivery" of a baby, or delivery room, or birthing room.

Oooh, using another language on a menu can be Risky Business ... Doug


  1. TRJPSR — The source for true cultural enrichment and understanding. I'da just ordered the Five-Spiced Tea Rubbed Atlantic Salmon and have been none the wiser... :)

  2. I Googled "accouchements" and the images are alarming. And I am not sure why one would rub one's salmon with tea, 5-spiced or otherwise.

    Then there is the drinks menu...

    I am curious about the Dirty Goose, a martini-like drink that boasts "brine" as a main ingredient. Is this some arcane New England tradition we are not aware of? Hey, pass the Vermont Road Salt, I'm going to whip up a Dirty Goose!

  3. Last time I tried to order the Five-Spice Tea Rubbed Atlantic Salmon it was sold out- AGAIN. It is worth every cent and if the name scares off riff-raff like "Sick Bird Rider", than please keep it on the menu. There are greasy spoons all over the north country where Sick Bird would fit in much more comfortably, I'm sure.

  4. Anonymous, you are absolutely correct. We Sick Birds are more often found in the Stateside cafeteria, brown-bagging it in the downstairs "locker room" or tucking into a Snowshoe Burger in Montgomery. I have to admit that since posting my comment in 2010, I have eaten at Alice's Table a few times. The food is great but it just seemed too weird having a fancy meal with my ski boots on.