Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Real Jay Peak Ski report is dedicated to poking fun at the Official Jay Peak Resort web site, Jay Peak policies, staff management and facilities.

All of us who love be at Jay are most welcome to contribute while pointing out the warts and foibles of our favorite hill.

Jay Peak golfers you are welcome too!!!!!!!!!! We skiers will be suprised if the golf course is as perfect as the pictures.


  1. For the uninitiated, and those of us from the other side of Lake Champlain ... was there a specific incident (or BS report) that inspired the creation of RJPSR, or was it a cumulative effect?

  2. It started with email chatter about JP snow report writing that was getting out of control. I thought that the rest of the world might be vaguely interested in our thoughts on the matter, so started the blog. It was also a not-so-secret attempt to get some of my Luddite family members a little more involved with the Internet. See the next post (which was really the first post but somehow the post above got created as the "alpha post" when Dogski randomly clicked a button):