Monday, January 22, 2007

Cold Week-end on the Freezer

I think what the snow report is referring to as the "windblown hardscrabble" is most likely the earthquake cracks in the middle of the Goat Icefields, which spand for about 100 feet right around the Green Mountain Boys Bend. The Goat Icefields were in great condition this weekend. The ice was as fast as its been in years, resulting in a few minor crashes (see Pudd's story below - SBR). Thank God, the JPSP kept all the beginner and intermediate skiers on the Goat Run where it was supposed to be hard-packed corduroy. We wouldn't of wanted them to end up in Andres Paradise, where it was marked as being very "Thin cover, with lots of Ice". As I did ski both these runs this week-end, im sure the signs were just mixed up because the only thing I found out in Andre's Paradise was a little bit of Northern Vermont FRESHIE.
The Green Beret, somewhere in Andre's Paradise. Photo by Pudd.

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