Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It all started here...

Pudd sent us all this report, direct from the Jay Peak newsroom:

Weather has certainly taken a turn for the better here in FunWorld. Forecasters calling for another storm this weekend with moderate snow. Our last round popped open another 25 trails and now pins us at 50 trails with more expected to open today. Expect machine groomed and packed powder conditions today with some windblown in spots where the wind has, well, blown. All 8 lifts are scheduled to spin but winds will gust today so stay tuned to for operational updates today.
And he wondered aloud:

Fun World?????????
To which I replied:

Funworld...wallyworld....stengerworld....Who writes this stuff? How can a storm produce moderate snow? And what is moderate snow, really? Since when do runs get "popped open," "pinning" a hill at 50? I'm glad the Kitz didn't pop open while we were skiing it at Xmas. I might have fallen through the cracks. Oh yes, and the lifts are spinning too.
Then Jonny Jay got in touch:

For those of us who try to write for a living it's obvious this guy has to throw
out his thesaurus! Trying to reach that hip new generation I guess -- what else
could it be. Well we'll be sure to check out Funworld for you this weekend...
Followed by Dougskis:

I believe Jay has outsourced the writing to New Delhi to save mucho bucks. This explains why the snow depths are never right because they just throw a dart.

However the outsourcing has produced some lingo problems but I am sure B.S. will be on it.

For example I am sure they meant to refer to a Perfect Storm in which can account for the truly odd "moderate snow"

As for funworld there is a rumour that B.S. has a line on a some ferris wheels and roller coasters he can purchase for a song and install in the parking lot. This explains the reference to spinning?

As to "pinning" I think it was a typo and he was pining for the days when we had a lot more than 50 runs open Jan 17th.

The one thing that can't be explained is "popping", maybe amphetamines or most likely it is an oblique reference to Mickey's eyes
And so it starts - the world needs to know this!.

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  1. OK it takes me a while...but eventually I catch on. The irony of the grand pubah's initials ... is there ever a reason to refer to him by any other moniker?