Sunday, May 15, 2011

How Jay Peak ended the season

Correct me if I'm wrong but late spring skiing in Vermont is really for the locals. Commuter skiers like me are highly unlikely to get in car and drive seven hours to ski on one lift and two runs. All the more reason to give Jay lots of credit for keeping the Jet Triple running right up until there was no point in skiing anymore, and then some.

This Tweet from today, dug up by my more tech-savvy sources over at Harvey Road, pretty much sums it up:

And more so, kudos to the "one guy" for getting out there and skiing by himself in the pouring rain on the last day of lift-served skiing in New England for the 2010/2011 ski season.


  1. Saw that post on the last day- credit to the mtn for keeping the lifts turning that late in the season! However, I'm trying to delay the offseason one more day- do you know ANYWHERE in the northeast with coverage??

  2. @ Anon: Mont St. Sauveur was last hill standing, so may have a patch or two: Check out Mad Pat's report:

    If you are up for hiking, it sounds like Mt. Washington still has some good stretches. Check the Time for Tuckerman forums or the East Coast Stoke thread at TGR for more info.

    Wherever you find snow, you'll be hiking. It will be a trade-off between how far you want to drive, how high you are prepared to hike and how little snow you are prepared to ski on.

    Good luck!

  3. THANK YOU! Live in Mass., so accept I'm driving far. Willing to hike further, and I'd hit mud at this point. Looking like Tucks!