Thursday, April 28, 2011

A unique perspective on Jay Peak

I know, I know, you are not supposed to create web content that drives people away from your site. In this case, my loyal readers, it is worth it. Over on Harvey Road, a web site allegedly dedicated to ski news from New York State, some trip reports have emerged focusing on none other than Jay Peak, Vermont. And these aren't just your average "hey, I went to Jay last weekend" kind of trip reports. No, these reports are by Laszlo Vatjay, owner of Plattekill Mountain, nestled in the western Catskills of New York. Do you remember when Powder Magazine had a feature called "Little areas that rock?" I don't recall if Plattekill made it to Powder mag but from what I hear, it should have. Like Jay, Plattekill has steep, challenging terrain, lots of snow, a friendly vibe and a dedicated posse of core skiers. Unlike Jay, it is off the radar for many eastern skiers. So when the ski area owner decides to take a ski holiday with his family, where does he go? To Jay Peak, of course!

Here are links to Laszlo's insightful, funny and entertaining reports of his family's stay at Jay the week before Easter:

Episode One, in which Laszlo arrives, and gets the lay of the land:

Episode Two, in which Laszlo experiences a "Welcome to Jay Peak" kind of day, retreats to the Ice Haus and comments on the development situation. All from his cell phone:

Episode Three, in which Laszlo has better weather, enjoys the great snow, meets some friends and reflects on the Jay Peak experience:

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