Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Verrry interesting...

For all you Jay Peak development-watchers out there, check out the video below and read this thread from the AlpineZone forums. Make sure you go all the way to page 2, where Steve Wright replies.

In my recent chit-chat with Steve Wright, he let me in on some of those plans but I was sworn to secrecy. Arrggh, I've been scooped by a YouTube video with Vietnamese subtitles!


  1. Jay Peak chắc chắn trông giống như của tôi loại nơi!

  2. Sorry, I wanted to mention that the AZ thread reminds me of something I wrote for a TR after a visit to Jay Peak last February:

    Had interesting conversations with several locals while on the chairs. One gave me an earful about his love for the mountain itself and his disdain for the resort. According to him, the resort is all about the real estate and hasn't cut new trails, put in a new lift, or upgraded the facilities in years. When I asked about the West Bowl area, one of them guffawed "that's been on the drawing board since before the birth of Christ!!"