Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jay Peak: construction junction?

Waiting for the morning to warm up a little bit before starting my hike to the summit, I toured over to the resort side of Jay to see what was going on. I thought I might take a few mountain photos from the Stateside parking lot, but a sternly worded sign and a lot of big machinery convinced me to stay outside the gate.

There’s a lot of gravel going in here

Here’s the bird’s eye view from the summit ridge, taken a few hours (and calories) later
Following that surprise, I headed over to tramside to check out the action there. I was shocked at the level of activity and the number of cars. Surely, these people can’t all be here for the morning curling? No, at the moment it is all about construction and without even leaving the safety of my car, I could feel the “get ‘er done” energy in the air. The snow on the upper mountain must be a not-so-gentle reminder to the construction crews that winter’s deadline is approaching quickly.

The Ice Haus is ready for the Jonny Jay Invitational Curling Bonspiel
The shuttle busses are all shined up and ready for, well, shuttling, I guess
The level of the Hotel Jay and waterpark is rising rapidly
I’m assuming this is a new parking lot!


  1. One thing I always liked about the old Jay was the close proximity parking. Gave that "local" feel to the place.

  2. don't worry, i'm sure they'll be offering valet parking soon enough. that way people don't have to get their boots dirty walking across the parking lot