Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring sprang but winter returned

Up here at Hundwalden, home of the Ravenscliffe Highlands Ski, Snowshoe & Country Club, we had hung up the winter gear and were busily getting ready for croquet season. Then, the weather changed. Yesterday, there was this mini-blizzard that left us with excellent grass-skiing conditions this morning.

Utah checks the snow depth before we head out on the trail

This morning I put on long pants for the first time since surgery day, April 1, and hauled the last armload of firewood from the convenient rack outside the doorway. I may have to split and haul some more to last out the cold weather forecast for this week. The best laid plans...

This leaf is trying hard to think spring

The only good news from this is that the black flies have disappeared (temporarily, of course). Hopefully the wild leeks survive the cold snap for the leek-picking festival planned at Hundwalden next weekend.

The wild leeks are not happy

The snowy leek fields of Hundwalden

The Hund enjoying the Walden

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