Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Hotel Jay is gone

 And frankly, good riddance. I'm sure the barn-like structure held some good memories for many Jay Peak visitors but really, it was a pretty non-descript building and will be replaced (in theory) by something far more groovy. My memories of this structure are limited to standing in line at the customer service desk waiting to get a ticket. Although the last time I was there, they were giving out home-made cookies, which was nice. You can check out pictures of the tear-down here, the one below is my favorite.

It reminds me of my favorite picture from the great renovation here at Hundwalden. That was quite a moment, driving up and finding the middle of the house gone.

Is this symbolic of the future of Jay Peak, with Customer Service the final thing left standing?


  1. Time marches on. Next thing you know Jay Peak will be stealin' customers from $towe!

    Will the new hotel be up in time for next season?

  2. They claim it will be. At this page,

    Jay Peak states:
    "Contruction on Hotel II (which will be situated when the current Hotel Jay is located) will begin this summer and this new, as yet unamed, hotel is scheduled to open in stages through the winter and spring 2012.  It will house the new waterpark, include 3 restaurants, conference center, spa and retail space."

    All grammar and spelling errors are theirs, not mine. The Jonny Jay Ski Club was very sceptical about the Tram Haus Lodge opening in time but they got that done, helped by some lucky breaks in the weather. Three new restaurants! The place is going from famine to feast.