Friday, November 30, 2007


Well Hello Again To all the readers of this website!
This may be my first blog of the year, but it is not the first ski report as I have been on the boards since Nov. 15th. But I figured I would give a report today as November is finally over. I'm still running with the Volkyl's, its my second pair now as I busted the top binding on my last pair, this pair are a lot slower but actually have some edges, so i can sort of carve on the groomers.
As weve put up all the snowfences on the mountain, theres not much more we can do until it snows. There calling for snow Sunday through Monday, so hopefully that will be a big dump. I started the day today doing "Trail Check" which was basaically freesking until we heard the call from our boss Towers to meet somewhere to do some work. But today was the first day we didn't hear anything, and got to ski right up until lunch. Got quite a few runs in, but it gets repetitive skiing the same stuff over and over, but you can always somehow get a different line. The most action I saw all morning, was a little kid on a snowboard caught up on a cliff in Virgin Chutes. As I saw him from the chair, I skied down to where he was, but at that point he had made it out. I told him it was a pretty dangerous place he was riding, he appreciated the advice.
Ski Packing all afternoon today, so side-stepping down the runs, packing down all the powder, it really creates ruts in the snow, looks just like a Cat went up it, so hopefully it will trap some more snow.
Im going to take out the Scratch's next wendesday or thursday on my day off. We're all getting pretty sick of our rock skis, as everyone else is on their good skis.
Thats about all the news from the world of Snowfarming, Ill get back to you with a Powder Report.

Over And Out

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