Monday, February 19, 2007

Crowded Week-End at Jay

What a crazy week-end at Jay Peak. Never in my life have I been there with it being so crowded. The official Jay website was emphasizing the fact that they picked up 5 feet of snow. I'm not too sure where all that snow went because when I was standing on the top of River Quai looking down on one of the best pitches Jay's got to offer. My eyes were shocked when they came to realize that there was nothing more than 6 inches of windswept snow over a "hardscrabble" span of rocks, stumps and ice. I did find some snow in Timbuktu and a few runs OB (First Tracks through Red Beret). The 5 feet of powder was not an inaccurate measurement, as I shoveled through 4 feet of snow to make it to the door of the Jonny Jay Clubhouse. I think that the only accurate measurement that can be said about the whole week-end would have to be the 150 foot singles line running up the U.N.

Goat Icefields were in decent shape with still a pretty good slide and to all of you who stayed home this week-end fearing the JPSP Avalanche Warning, lets just say that the only thing on the Ridge is frozen "hardscrabble"

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