Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"601 to Micky...601 to Micky..."

Chances are, Micky was here:

March 2015. First tracks.
One of our favourite runs at Jay Peak has a new name. Powerline, once the line of the "red chair" and a power line with guy wires that could decapitate you, is now 601 (the upper part) and Micky (the lower part).

Powerline is one of those special runs at Jay. In our family's Raised Jay traditions, getting the invitation to ski Powerline from an older brother, uncle or even Dad was a real coming-of-age thing. One day you were deemed ready and got the nod. With that under your belt, you could move up to other challenges. It is not the most difficult trail at Jay by any means but it is quirky, off-kilter and challenging, and for some, even the name added to the intimidation factor. 

Thanks to the the ever-vigilant-on-social-media Steve Wright, we learned that "601" was the radio call number of long-time ski patrol director Peg Doheny. Micky is her husband, as in Micky Doheny, the long-time ski school director. When she needed to track him down on the mountain, it was "601 to Micky" over the radio. Out of respect for the couple's long service to Jay Peak and its skiers, it seemed fitting to the powers-that-be to rename one of Micky's favourite runs in their honour.

The new name(s) seemed a bit unusual at first, and even caused a bit of upset in this group of change-resistant skiers. Once we learned the backstory, though, I think we'll come to embrace it. 

I'm told that the new Jay Peak magazine has the full story, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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