Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Heads Come Together at Jay Peak

Editor's note: Somewhere in my collection of memorabilia I have a button from the 70s, with a picture of all the Head skis of the day, arranged like a flower. Very psychedelic, no? The tagline reads: "Head Come Together." All these years later, it is happening for Jonny Jay. Here is his report, punctuated by an image of Jay taken yesterday. Don't go launching yourself off the lip of the Can Am anytime soon.

A little scrapey perhaps? Click image to enlarge.

Jonny Jay gets new skis...

After 50 years Jonny Jay finally gets new Heads! Check out the old ones with the Marker toe piece and long-thong heel binding -- a revolutionary step forward as the original heel piece just pivoted for twists; this one actually released in a forward fall! Some will remember that the long thong was wrapped around the boot ankle for added support before the days of plastic shells. Not fun wrapping them around your boots at minus 20!

Old boards are 205cm Head GS, circa 1968; New boards are a 171cm 2018 Head Kore-93 -- thanks to Algonquin Outfitters for making it happen.

The mountain is hanging in although last weekend was a little picky on runs like Can-Am, as seen in the photo. Really rocked Chalet Meadows with the new skis!

Early report: stable at speed, very good hold on the ice and chalk, very responsive, handled with ease the wee bit of soft snow and crud that I could find.

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