Thursday, March 16, 2017

A post-Stella report from Jonny Jay

by Jonny Jay

This just in from our spiritual leader:

Hi all:

Not a bad drive here yesterday because no one was on the road! Smooth sailing, plowed roads, bad visibility but not too bad. Secondary roads, including 78 and the road to the mountain, are covered in a heavy chunky ice.

Snow is waist deep at the clubhouse, both dogs disappeared when they ventured into the deep stuff.
Just got back from the mountain. Got behind an oil delivery truck coming back and he was stuck half way up the hill. Eventually got around him.

Nice to ski on snow again! Got to bed early, another good bit of snow last night, started off to the mountain but halfway up I remembered that my ski boots might be handy to have, so back to the house and off again. Remembering that I hadn't skied for almost a month, and haven't had much exercise, so I originally thought a cruiser might be in order. But I was late, so thought what the hell, I will do the Kwai to get away from the Ontario March break crowds (ed. note: that's Onatario in JPR marketing speak). The left side where Pudd and I usually go was untouched! Couple of turns to the rocky steep that is now covered in snow. First turn off the crest, beautiful, but I had forgotten about that gnarly little tree that juts out from the rock, which is now hidden from view (shades of Staircase), however all surprising good fun as I did a somersault on the way down, much to the delight of the skiers to the right heading into Vertigo. Nice soft landing. After a few of my favourite stashes (Flyer was closed) I was wiped and packed it in knowing I would be there tomorrow. Northway and Montrealer were like Western skiing - perfect snow but you couldn't see much with the blowing snow and flat light.

I will keep you up to date.

(ed. note 2): The Onatarians will be heading down next week. Save some snow for us!

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