Monday, April 20, 2015

Jonny Jay's weekend report from Jay Peak: Jay in good shape!

 by Jonny Jay

Can Am looking fat, Powerline not so much.
Jet side looks good
Saturday morning: sunshine, great temps and super spring conditions. After a quick trip down the Queens Highway to make sure our mutual aches and pains were in order, I headed up the Flyer while the English lassie toured the lower mountain. Couldn't resist heading over to family favourite JFK -- a little tight at the mid-point but my timing was perfect as the snow was just softening, the moguls were perfect and it looked like I was the first or second down -- sweet. Into Beaver Pond for a quick dip, then over to Can-Am to bite into the Volkswagen-sized moguls -- no barespots and in top shape, sadly the same couldn't be said about the River Kwai.

The UN Express.
Next up was good old Green Mountain Boys into North Glade -- about 11:00 am and again no one had been in, I guess they were waiting for the snow to soften. Awesome timing once again, best run of the day. Coffee break with Suse follwed Perry Merril trip over to the triple. I wasn't planning on it, thinking maybe Timbuktu or Derrick, but the UN beckoned me as I got off the lift -- the UN Express to anyone who skied in the olden days! Somehow the legs did what the head wanted -- works that way sometimes -- and it was classic UN. After that, a cruiser (I thought) on the Montrealer but there was Hell's Woods now calling -- alternate entrance the key but you can still get nice and high -- and it was still good at the top but getting a little heavy and my legs a little weaker. Ended the day around 12:30 and by 1:30 the rain came down.

Get there soon -- the skiing is great.


Stay left on JFK.
Looks like there is a line on the Upper Quai.

Hell's Woods looking good to go.

The DC enjoying the spring skiing, only a year after a broken femur.


  1. Looks great. Apparently it's snowing up there today too. Heard any estimates on how long they want to go?

  2. Thanks for checking in, Harvey. Jay is usually pretty loosey-goosey on closing dates. There is no mention of it online and nothing on the grapevine. Perhaps our friend Mr. W. will chime in with some insight...