Monday, April 29, 2013

Final Day??

By Jonny Jay
The classic spring view of the Jet
Although Jay is doing its best to keep things running it looks like Mother Nature may give winter the last blow this week with announced high temps. One Jay source did say they wanted to keep going until mid-May if they could but . . . check on Thursday. 
Good conditions in Beaver Pond!
Skiing was great on the weekend if you timed it right. Triple chair side in the morning and then the big mountain late morning on. Upper Ullrs and Beaver Pond were perfect on Saturday at noon
but they closed it on Sunday because there was a bit of a walk over a few spots on the runout and I guess you could catch an edge in the various small fissures along Kokomo but hey -- it's spring! Jet, Haynes, CanAm, Expo Glade and even the Goat were all in good shape but the bottom runouts could melt away pretty soon.

A great season overall.

Nice snow on Tramside
Excellent coverage on the Vermonter!
RIP, Bonventure Chair
RIP, Stateside Lodge
Jonny Jay says adieu, for now

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  1. Nice Jonny Jay. Looks like a lot of snow to me.