Monday, February 27, 2012

NSBS 2.0: Day one, the drive.

After much deliberation, the bloggers of the NSBS decided to visit New Hampshire this year. I arrived today, a day late to the party, so sadly have no ski report. I can report that was an easy, though very long drive and the White Mountains of New Hampshire have a very different feel to them. They are big, broad, brawny and even though Mt. Washington was mostly shrouded in cloud, it completely dominates the landscape. 

After driving through the spectacular Crawford Notch, I arrived at the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel, our home for the next few days. Tomorrow, we ski Attitash, so stay tuned.

Last chance to turn off to Jay Peak - I am torn.

A view of Jay I rarely see - the drive-by.
Even obscured by clouds - the scenery in Crawford Notch is impressive.
The Grand Summit Hotel - if you go out the back door, you are on the slopes.


  1. Perhaps you should drive a bit faster, S.B.R.!

    Pipeline was epic (2012 style) the last 2 days...
    And, from all reports on TGR, TTips, and all the usual suspects, so was Jay.

    You should have felt the force, Obi Wan SBR!

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