Friday, December 23, 2011

Someone is making lemonade at Jay Peak

The RJPSR is much relieved to see that the highly developed sense of irony and optimism has returned to the Other Jay Peak Snow Report. This just in:

Friday, December 23rd @ 6:30 am

Picture this:  You're suspended, in a chair, hanging off the western side of the northern most member of the green mountains while a howling wind shears right through your thermals, dropping your body temperature at a rough 60 degrees per minute.  Sounds incredible, right?  Well you're in for a treat because today marks the season premier of our one and only Green Mountain Flyer, spinning for the first time this fine Friday morning.  It'll haul you uphill to three fresh runs (Northway, Upper Goat, and Lower River Quai) which are all sporting about an inch of fresh powder and it hasn't stopped falling yet.   


  1. WTF, was your version supposed to be funny?
    I was there today and the flyer did run. Albeit one run down but for most of the day it held up nicely! When you clowns are as perfect at what you do (if you in fact do anything) as you expect Jay to be then ............

  2. Ummm, Anonymous, I think you missed the point.

    The text in italics above was copied word-for-word from the actual Jay Peak snow report, located at I did not write it, someone who works at Jay Peak did. It is gone from their site now, because as we know, the snow report changes every day.

    We clowns do not expect Jay Peak to be perfect. In fact, the little imperfections are what we love about Jay and celebrate on this blog.

    Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas.

  3. Well said Sick Bird Rider....
    That made my morning!