Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trail work update for Jay Peak

I may have to put JPTracker on the RJPSR payroll. The guy has a knack for finding things out. Here is a recent post from the AlpineZone Jay Peak development thread:

Jay has submitted their ACT 250 permit application for trail improvements for this summer. They include:

1) Andre's Paradise - The exit trail at the bottom is going to be double in length giving easier access to more terrain. No changes to the entrance or actual glade as promised.

2) Alligator Alley / Goat intersection - Will be regraded

3) Taxi - Some of the breakovers into the woods will be cleaned up.

4) Haynes - Part of the upper trail will be widened.

Details can be seen

The permit is also for the relocation of the power line. It will be going up Lift Line and Can Am.
 It is worth looking at the map linked above. It show detailed contours of the hill and indicates the various work areas.

As I commented on AZ, #s 2 and 3 seem like no-brainers. Personally, I don't see any reason why the Haynes Glacier needs to be any wider than it is (I have been since informed that it will enable the Haynes to meet FIS requirements). The AP exit extension is interesting - could have negative repercussions if it tempts more people to go "Beyond Beyond" and they still miss the exit trail.

 AP and Goat work areas. Too bad they put the info box over the most interesting contour lines.

Meanwhile, it is a balmy 30 degrees C at SBR HQ. That's degrees 86 F to you non-Metric readers. Hot, hot, hot either way and way hotter in many other places, including Vermont.

Here's a little shot to help you cool cool off.  March 2011, taken somewhere in Andre's Paradise. Matt surveys the snowy scene:

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  1. Thanks for the Farenheit conversion, I got excited for a micro-second when I read 30 degrees!