Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NSBS Day 1: What a day!

There was a little unexpected snow at Jay Peak today. You could even call it a powder day! SBR got a face shot on Upper Exhibition at 11:30 am, on the way to lunch. Unreal day, snow-filled everywhere.

I did not take many pictures today but the guys I was skiing with did and have already written some great reports. How can I keep up? Check out Harvey Road, Ski=MC2, The Snowway and FTOL. Watch the "ski blogs to read" feed to the right for further reports from some other skiers that were here for the festivities.

It snowed heavily all morning. Accumulation on my pants only halfway up the Bonnie.
When I returned to the Snowbaru, it turned out that the car had a powder day too!


  1. I've had some great days this year. For me this was a top five day, lifetime. Even without the great company, it would qualify. True powder hounds don't plan trips in advance, they get when the gettin is good. But regular workin/family guys like me ... all I can say is ... wooohooo!